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15 years of emergency preparedness and planning. We are here to help and guide you on your journey of preparedness. Preparedness is not a race, it is a lifestyle change to help you be confident and know what  to do in case of a emergency

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BugOut Weekend 2024
May 09-12th, 2023 Dayton, Ohio



welcome to the vision preparedness bug-out weekend

Welcome to Vision Preparedness BugOut Weekend. May 2-5, 2024

LOCATION: Possum Creek Metro Park
4790 Frytown Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45417
Sugar Maple Camp Site

Park Map - https://www.metroparks.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/possum-creek-map-2021.pdf

Visit park map - https://www.metroparks.org/places-to-go/possum-creek/

  • Attendees can register easily online by filling out the information below.
  • Meet like-minded people from the preparedness community, from across the country.
  • Bring your gear to test out, hands on help if necessary to all.
  • All campers will be responsible for their own food, water and shelter for the weekend.
  • Campers are not allowed to bring their own firewood. Firewood will be provided. 
  • Restrooms are near by and accessible to all.
  • Pets are ALLOWED but must be leashed.
  • For questions please email us at visionpreparedness@gmail.com




Plan your work and work your plan, as the saying goes, which is so true and the core to being successfully prepared for life events that may be interjected unknowingly into our lives.


When it comes to storing up food, keep in mind a person can only go without food for 3 weeks before starvation and then death sets in. Food is a major necessity for every human on the planet. When you begin to store food, keep in mind these are the types you want to store. Protein, Canned foods, Freeze Dried foods, Frozen foods, Dehydrated, beans, rice, pasta and shelf stable food. The average person need between 1500 -2200 calories per person per day.


Water is another thing that every person must have, you can only go without water for 3 days before dehydration sets in before death. So you want to store as much water as possible for you and your family no matter what water is vital to everything we do on a daily basis, imagine if you had no water in your house - How would you survive? We all use water for Drinking, Cooking, Cleaning, Hygiene daily. So keep that in mind when storing and preparing extra water. The average person will use 1 gallon of water per day per person for drinking. Storing extra water is a must and should be done by everyone incase of any type disaster or emergency.


Shelter is one of the things in life that some people take for granted, in adverse weather the average person can only last 3 hours before death sets in. Wether you live in a house, condo or apartment, shelter is a must for every individual. Even with the homeless population in our country shelter is a major need for everyone.


With all the technology available today, home security is a vast selection of cameras, flood lights, doorbell cameras and motion sensors. Take your pick of devices that will make your home secure and give you a piece of mind while you sleep. Even the pet dog is a great line of defense and security for you and your family. Driveway alarms are a great choice as well. Also firearms are as old as the west and provide a piece of mind to all gun owners across the country. Proper training and firearm maintenance is always recommended if you decide to become a responsible firearm owner.


what are your lines of communications? What if the cell phone towers are all down? 2 way radio's, CB Radio's and even HAM Radios along with GMRS radio's are a great choice for alternative communications with family and friends in time of a emergency or disaster. Keep in mind to communicate using a ham radio you need a license issued by the FCC to transmit over the radio. Just to listen you do not need a license. We highly suggest getting your ham radio listens.