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Uncharted's first product, The Seventy2 Survival System, reimagined the personal preparedness space and launched an industry.

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Today, Uncharted's expanded product line is available in over 200 retail stores, and provides coverage for the adventurer as well as those looking to prepare for an ever-changing world.

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Find everything you need in the Zeus, a portable jump starter that doubles as a flashlight and USB charger.

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From their appearance on Shark Tank, to placements in the Museum of Modern Art, to the product selected for use by government and private security agencies around the world, Uncharted has continued to design products that have saved lives around the world.

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Survival gear that can save your life


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Founded in Nov 2016, Park City UT's Uncharted Supply Co's mission is to provide high-quality, intuitive gear to help people navigate emergencies big and small.

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